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Namaste. I am Chef Utpal Dighe and I started my culinary journey in the kitchens of my Indian family and friends. While cooking came later, I always had a love for the bond that was created through food and parties growing up.  Professional paths took me on a different journey as I became an attorney and practiced law in South Florida. But after 15 years, I knew that I needed to explore a different avenue in life to pursue my dreams. And so, ending a successful practice and career as an attorney,  I went to culinary school and began my adventure! In just a few years, I've earned my chops in restaurant kitchens and gained national and international recognition for my food.  Now, I want to bring my unique flavors to your plate. Come see the many ways I can bring Samsara to your life!


About Samsara

In Hinduism, the word Samsara describes part of the cycle of karma and rebirth.  To break free from the cycle of existence is to transcend and be reborn.  Food has a special way to transform us as well. Whether it's childhood favorites or gastronomic creations, food can change us, altering our moods and creating emotions and feelings.  Here at Samsara Creations, we hope to deliver unique and transformative experiences for you through our food.

Let us bring you, Samsara. 

Food. Reborn.

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Private Dining Experiences

Fully customizable multi-course dining experiences.


The new "Night In" and Catered  Events

Providing multi-sensory experiences of food, drink, and ambiance for you and your bubble. 


Live and Virtual Cooking Demos

Providing live and virtual, private and group cooking demonstrations.


The New 

"Night In"

Private Dining Experiences for the COVID era

Fully customized refined multi-course meals

Wine or Speciality Cocktail pairings available

Full arrangement of decor and table settings

Comprehensive event staffing 

Full CDC and DOH compliance for COVD precautions

Additional cleaning, sanitation, and staffing precautions


Absolutely delicious! I devoured every bite!

Audra C, Miami

Best meal I've ever had at home!

Jeff R, New York

Ready to Serve You

Tel: 305-857-5796  |  Email:

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